ANFA to appoint new head coach ahead of A division league / Who will be the next head coach of Nepal ?

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has started the process of appointing a new person of foreign origin to the post of head coach, which has been vacant for a long time, for the Nepali national football team.

Struggle of ANFA to appoint new head coach:

ANFA is currently struggling to finalize the head coach of the Nepali football team before the A Shahid Smarak A Division League which starts on 19th of Falgun.

With the end of the first round of the A Division League, Nepal is playing 2 international friendly matches in the FIFA window of March. For the same reason, ANFA wants to finalize the appointment of the head coach as soon as possible.

Even after 4 months of the resignation of the Kuwaiti coach Abdullah Almutairi, who arrived in Nepal to handle the training of the national team with the technical and financial support of the Qatar Football Association, ANFA is unable to appoint a temporary coach.

He resigned from the position of head coach last July due to a dispute with some players within the team who were dissatisfied with work style.

Chances for the domestic coaches:

Since then, ANFA has been assigning domestic coaches to the national team and making Nepal participate in friendly matches. Back to back 2 times A division league champions Machhindra's coach Meghraj KC was entrusted with the team by ANFA for the friendly match with Pakistan held at Dasharath Stadium last November.

Before that, for the international friendly match against Bangladesh held in the very same home ground in September, ANFA sent Nepalese origin American coach Pradip Humagai. It should be remembered that Nepal has not lost a single match under the supervision of these two coaches who have taken charge of the national team after Abdullah.

Selection through shortlisted applicants:

After the friendly match with Pakistan, ANFA called for the post of the head coach and other staff in all online media including Gorkha Patra on November. In the said vacancy, there was a criterion for the head coach to have a pro-level license from FIFA with the experience as the head coach of any other national football team. According to which, it has been said that almost half a dozen people have submitted applications for the post. Among the same names, ANFA has started preparing to appoint the best person as the head coach of the Nepali national football team.

Who will be the next head coach of Nepali football?

ANFA General Secretary Kiran Rai has said that even though ANFA will complete the selection work, discussions are being held with the Nepal government and other friendly organizations for the coach's salary. Although he did not disclose the country from which the coaches will be brought in, he said that preparations are being made to bring in the best coaches from all over the world.

The salary of Abdullah Almutari, who came in cooperation with the Qatar Football Association recently, was given by the Qatar Football Association. This time too, ANFA is engaged in discussions with supporting organizations for similar support.

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