Nepalese football players first choice: Australia / What is the VISA ?? Players routines Explained

These days a trend of Nepalese footballers leaving the country has not taken it's name to stop. In the recent weeks 5 big and promising names in Nepalese football have departed to Australia for their better future. Around 35 football players have departed the nation in the past year alone. This is bad news on the eve of the new season beginning, the Nepali football industry is on the decline.

Nepalese players first choice: Australia

One of the top 13th ranked nation with highest GDP, Australia has been the first choice for not only the Nepalese internationals but also for the students. A high wages & better living many Nepalese talents have departed to Australia. We have a long lists of players. It's all because Nepal lacks a working government, corruptions has been the major issue here. Even it's been an year there is no football in Nepal. It's hard to survive for the players whose income comes only from football but that's not happening here. Most of the players are from the lower middle class whose family solely depends upon the income of the players. Players are fed off with these frustrating situations. 

On what type of VISA these players are going? 

Most of the Nepalese footballers have reached Australia on subclass 400 temporary work visa. 

How can a player apply for Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400) ? 

This visa is for people who want to come to Australia for a short-term, highly specialized, non-ongoing work. This is why these Nepalese players who have specialized skills, knowledge or experience on football have high chances for the visa approval. 

How long can these players stay for ? 

Australian immigration allows only 6 months stay (depending on the circumstances) with this visa. Generally, for a stay period longer than 3 months, a strong business case must be provided with the application. But one can't apply for this visa in Australia or stay longer by extending this visa. 

How much does it cost to apply? 

Sub class 400 visa usually costs AUD325 i.e. NRs.30,000 (except in limited circumstances). 

How any days do it takes for the visa processing?

  • 25 % of applications: 5 days 
  • 50% of applications: 13 Days 
  • 75% of applications: 21 Days 
  • 90% of applications: 31 Days 

The ultimate goal of the players: AUS PR

As the Australia’s immigration policy allows those who come with this subclass 400 to change their visa type, most of the Nepal footballers who are in Australia under the sponsorship of the clubs founded by Nepalis have changed their visas. If they get a student visa and complete the course there, it will be easy for them to get permanent residence in the future. Few of them changes to dependent visa.

Restrictions in professional Australian football 

None of the footballers who have gone from Nepal can join the competitions or clubs under the professional football pyramid there. Apart from Jagjeet Shrestha, all other footballers play in community competitions.

Football in Australia 

There are dozens of competitions organized by the Nepali community in Australia during the weekends. There are 12 clubs playing in the Premier League, 10 clubs in the Minor League and six clubs in the Veterans League which all are registered under Australian Nepalese Football Association. (ANFA), registered 12 years ago in New South Wales, Australia has been looking after Nepal footballing activities there ever since. The Premier League, which is the top division, operates for six months. These clubs bring the Nepalese footballers to come to play for their teams. Almost 2,500 Nepali players from New South Wales are registered in ANFA.

What do these players do for leaving in Australia?

Many of them will play weekend football for the clubs who have managed their whole VISA processing. These players will work for the whole week & play football for 1-2 days at the end of the week i.e. Saturday & Sunday. Many of them are even continuing their higher study in Australia.

An unusual competition in signings 

The local Nepalese Australian clubs are taking advantage over the recent unusual trend of Nepalese players movement to Australia for the better future. There has started a trend/competition to sign the big names of Nepalese football team among these clubs.

How Australia is better than Nepal for football?

There could be several reasons why Nepali players may be interested in going to Australia to play football. Some possible reasons include: 
  • Improved level of competition: The Australian football league (A-League) is considered to be of a higher standard than the domestic leagues in Nepal. Playing in Australia would provide Nepali players with the opportunity to compete against better players and improve their skills.
  • Better facilities and resources: Australian football clubs generally have better facilities and resources than those in Nepal, which can help players improve their game.
  • Greater visibility and exposure: Playing in Australia can provide Nepali players with greater visibility and exposure, which can help them to gain the attention of clubs and national teams in other countries.
  • Career advancement: By playing in Australia, Nepali players may be able to advance their careers and potentially earn more money playing football.
  • Education and personal development: Some Nepali players may choose to study and play football in Australia as a way to gain an education and develop their personal and professional skills.
  • Nepali players might be drawn to Australia as they see it as a gateway to the more developed football leagues in the world, where they can showcase their talent and be scouted by higher level teams.

List of players playing in Australia

  • Rabi Theng-APF Club-Dhangadhi FC-Royal Western Club
  • Mikchhen Tamang-Three Star Club-Lalitpur City FC-Royal Western Club
  • Rejin Subba-Machhindra Club-Birgunj United-Royal Western Club
  • Rumesh  Bartaula-Chyasal YC-Pokhara Thunders-Royal Western Club
  • Amir Shrestha- Manang FC-Royal Western Club
  • Ranjan Bista-NRT-Lalitpur City FC-Fewa FC

Recently departed capped Nepalese players in Australia : 

Player Name Caps A Division NSL Draft   Australia Club
Bishal Rai 28 Machhindra FC Dhangadhi FC   N/A
Suman Aryal 22 Tribhuvan Army Butwal Lumbini FC Beni FC
Suman Lama 21 Nepal Police Club Kathmandu Rayzers   Yeti FC
Tej Tamang 17 Church Boys United Sporting Ilam De Mechi  Yeti FC
Dinesh Rajbanshi 15 Church Boys United Pokhara Thunders  Yeti FC
Gautam Shrestha 15 Sankata Club Sporting Ilam De Mechi  Macchhapuchchre FC
Avisek Rijal 13 Machhindra FC Unsold  Beni FC
Santosh Tamang 12 Tribhuvan Army Jhapa FC   United FC Melbourne
Darshan Gurung 8 New Road Team NRT Butwal Lumbini FC   United FC Melbourne
Bimal Rana 7 Manang Marsyangdi Birgunj United   Fewa FC
Aashish Lama 5 APF Jhapa FC   Yeti FC
Sanjog Rai 3 Three Star Club FC Chitwan   N/A
Rajan Gurung 2 APF FC Chitwan   United FC Melbourne
Aakash Budha Magar 1 Satdobato YC Dhangadhi FC   United FC Melbourne
Nabin Gurung 1 NRT Lalitpur City FC   United FC Melbourne
Hemanta Thapa Magar 1 Three Star Club Butwal Lumbini   Fewa FC
Nitin Thapa 1 Manang Marsyangdi Pokhara Thunders   Fewa FC

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