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FC Khumaltar

Khumaltar FC are the new commers in the new season of Martyr's Memorial A Division League 2079/80. Being the first runners up after Church Boys United finishing on second of the table in B Division League, Khumaltar have sealed their maiden spot in the A Division League. On a note of winning the title Khumaltar are the strongest team so far on paper as they have signed lot's of high yield talents to their team. Here below are the overview of team FC Khumaltar's squad, signings & match fixtures:

  • Nitin Thapa Magar, midfielder to Australia

Foreign Signings:
  • Messoke Olomou from Sankata Club
  • Stephen Binong from Sankata Club
  • Theophilus Apoh Midfielder from Ghana

New signings:
  • Abhisek Limbu, Defender from Chyasal Youth Club
  • Rohan Dong, Defender from APF FC
  • Manish Thapa, Forward from Nepal Police Club
  • Shyam Murmur, Forward from Jhapa XI
  • Abhisek Verma, Defender SAFF Quota from Jaipur United
  • Anzal Gurung, Defender from Himalayan Sherpa 
  • Shishir Lekhi, Midfielder from Brigade Boys Club
  • Bishal Basnet, Defender from Brigade Boys Club
  • Rejin Subba, Forward from Machhindra
  • Padam Bhattarai, Defender from Nepal Police Club
  • Chang Limbu, Goalkeeper 
  • Dev Liimbu, Goalkeeper from Friend's Club
  • Rohit Subba, Midfielder from Social YC
  • Rajiv Lopchan, forward Chyasal Youth Club
  • Jaya Gurung, Midfielder from Sankata Club
  • Abhisek Chamlagain Defender from Sunakothi City FC

Coach: Yam Bahadur Gurung

Match fixtures:

Falgun 19/March 3: vs Friends Club, 5:30 PM, Dasharath Stadium
Falgun 23/March 7: vs Church Boys United, 2:30 PM, ANFA Complex
Falgun 26/March 10: vs Three Star Club, 2:30 PM, ANFA Complex
Falgun 29/March 13: vs Himalayan Sherpa Club, 2:30 PM, Chyasal Stadium
Chaitra 1/March 16: vs Satdobato YC2:30 PM, Chyasal Stadium

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