Nepal enters into the knockout stage of Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 | Road to final explained

As the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games is almost at the end, Nepal is still medal less after five days of competition. This time Nepal has been participating in 29 different games and in many of the games Nepal has been out even from the group stage but the Nepali PUBG Mobile team has entered the semi final of ongoing 19th Asian Games in e-sports category (Peace Elite) on Friday.

DRS Gaming in to the semifinals of Asian Games PUBG

DRS Gaming who were grouped with Hongkong, Palestine & Saudi Arabia finished second in the group C. Meanwhile Hongkong became the winners. Nepal will now play the semifinals on Saturday.


A total of 8 teams will now fight for the last fours in the finals. Nepal has been grouped with Japan, Chinese Taipei & South Korea in the group A. The top two teams from each group will advance into the final.

Group A

Group A
No.TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total Time
1st South Korea00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
2nd Chinese Taipei00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
3rd Nepal00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
4th Japan00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000

Team Nepal: Rulz (DRS), Delta (DRS), Killer YT (DRS), Sang (DRS), Gante (DRS)

Team Chinese Taipei: ONE Team E-sports: Shark, HuoXuan, ChengFu, Yuyuyu, Hong, JaeCarry (Caoch)

Team South Korea: Sporta (RedForce), Tiz1  (RedForce), Favian, Bini, Cyaxe, Janchi (Coach)

Team South Korea: Ozisan (Varrel), Devine (Beenostrorm) , Naoto (Varrel) , Kazemaru  (Varrel)


Group B

Group B
No.TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total Time
1st Thailand00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
2nd China00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
3rd Hong Kong00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
4th Indonesia00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000


No.TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total Time
1st TBD00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
2nd TBD00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
3rd TBD00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000
4th TBD00:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.00000:00.000

For the first time in the history of Asian Games, PUBG Mobile has been included under the e-sports category. Nepal too are participating in the competition & this is the only category where Nepal have high hopes to win the medals. DRS Gaming, one of the successful Nepalese team will be representing Nepal in the Asian Games PUBG Mobile mega event. A total of 5 members have been registered for the event.

  • DRS Rulz - Suvin Kumar Prajapati
  • DRS Killer YT - Sahas Bhandari
  • DRS Gante - Sameer Gurung
  • DRS Delta - Dipesh Gurung
  • DRS Sang - Sangin Bhattarai

PUBG Mobile Asian Games 2023: Peace Elite

The PUBG Mobile event for the 19th Asian Games will run on a special Asian Games version. Unlike PUBGM's original gameplay, the Asian Games version will utilize various real-sport game experiences including but not limited to parachuting, cross-country shooting and racing. The classic gameplay mixes modern sports events such as triathlons, giving rise to an E-sports event that corresponds with the sportsmanship – Cross-country Shooting Competition.

In each game, there are 16 players in total and 4 players work together as a team. The competition consists of multiple stages, and there are missions of target shooting to be completed for each stage. After completing the shooting mission, the team needs to drive the vehicle to complete the track as well. The ranking will be determined according to the order in which the participating teams arrive at the finish line. In the Asian Games, the time limit for each game is 30 minutes.

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