Nepal super league 2023 season 2 | Home & Away concept | Prize money, Date, schedule, all participating teams & their players

With the grand success of the inaugural season of the first Nepal's first professional franchise based football league "Nepal Super League 2021", the second season is starting very soon from the last week of November this year.

The resume of NSL after a series of uncertainty:

After ANFA signed an 8-year contract with NSEM on  5th Paush last year, the second edition of NSL, which was supposed to be held in Chaitra last year, came into existence. As per the agreement, NSEM will pay an amount of Rs 172.1 million to ANFA for NSL. NSEM chairperson Ashrayata Karki Chaudhary had also handed over a cheque of Rs 15 million to ANFA general secretary Kiran Rai for the first season of NSL.

The second season of the NSL was due to take place in 2022 but due to a dispute  between A-Division clubs and NSL, the league didn’t happen. Now, as per the new agreement, the new season is going to be held in the autumn of 2023.

ANFA's plan for 9 months football in a calendar year:

ANFA has even planned to run domestic football for 9 months out of 12 every year to make players busy. For that Nepal's top tier Marty's A Division League to run for 6 months with NSL to run for 3 months.

When will Nepal Super League 2023 starts?

The second season of NSL will start from 25 November to January 6.

Nepal Super League prize money:

The winner of the second edition of Nepal Super League will receive seventy lakhs Nepalese rupees ( US $ 57159.23 ). This is the double amount than the previous season as the defending champions Kathmandu Rayzrs got NRS.35 Lakhs.

Nepal Super League Season 2 auction:

The auctions for the upcoming season of NSL has already been concluded back on 

4th March 2022 last year in in Kathmandu.

How many players do each team in NSL can have ?

All 10 teams have 16 players on their rosters, including their star acquisitions. Teams may, however, bolster their squads with additional players, including international players, to create a roster of up to 23 players.

Marquee Players:

  • Butwal Lumbini FC: Bishal Shrestha (GK)
  • FC Chitwan: Ananta Tamang (CB)
  • Dhangadhi FC: Bishal Rai (MD) aus
  • Jhapa FC: Anjan Bista (FW)
  • Lalitpur City FC: Bimal Gharti Magar (FW)
  • Pokara Thunders: Sujal Shrestha (MD)
  • Birgunj United FC: Devendra Tamang (CB)
  • Kathmandu Rayzers: Bikesh Kuthu (GK)
  • Biratnagar City FC: Rajeen Dhimal (DM) aus
  • Sporting Ilam De Mechi: Tej Tamang (DM) aus

Butwal Lumbini FC

  • Bishal Shrestha (marquee), Ajit Bhandari, Suman Aryal, Abhisekh Limbu, Ashish Rai, Ravi Paswan, Soujan Rai, Kapil Dhakal, Darshan Gurung, Bishwas Chaudhary, Hemant Thapa Magar, Saroj Dahal, Sanjeet Shrestha, Youdha Shahi, Buddha Bal Tamang, Krittish Ratna Chhunju.

FC Chitwan

  • Ananta Tamang (marquee), Tridev Gurung, Ashok Baral, Laxman Ruchal, Bishwas Udas, Aayush Ghalan, Bhuwan Basnet, Rajan Gurung, Sanjok Rai, Bishal Basnet, Saroj Yonjan Lama, Pasang Lama, Raja Babu Thapa, Pradip Lamsal, George Prince Karki.

Dhangadhi FC

  • Bishal Rai (marquee), Shishir Lekhi, Simanta Thapa, Amrit Shrestha, Prashant Awasthi, Rabi Thing, Susaan Shrestha, Dilan Loktan, Raju Yogi, Rupesh KC, Prabesh Kunwar, Tanka Bahadur Basnet, Pujan Uperkoti, Palsang Lama, Akash Budha Magar, Nawayug Shrestha.

Jhapa FC

  • Anjan Bista (marquee),Utsav Rai, Laken Limbu, Ritik Khadka, Amit Tamang, Aashish Lama, Randip Poudel, Sesehang Angdambe, Kamal Shrestha, Nishan Khadka, Santosh Tamang, Dev Limbu, Ranjan Bista, Bikey Tamang, Bipin Kandel and Janak Koirala.

Lalitpur City FC

  • Bimal Gharti Magar (Marquee), Prashant Tamang, Nabin Gurung, Dona Thapa, Diwash Urau, Kishor Giri, Rup Bahadur Lama, Bishal Sunar, Bikash Tamang, Sanish Shrestha, Buddha Chemjong, Bimal Pandey, Nabin Lama, Rajesh Pariyar, Mikchen Tamang, Jeevan Gurung.

Pokhara Thunders

  • Sujal Shrestha (marquee), Anjal Shrestha, Rumesh Bartaula, Mani Kumar Lama, Kamal Thapa Magar, Roshan Rana Magar, Dinesh Rajbanshi, Tshering Gurung, Dipak Singh Thakuri, Sanam Sodemba Limbu, Chetan Kumar Tharu,  Arik Bista, Abhiyan Pradhan, Jaya Gurung, Tek Bahadur Budathoki, Sakal Regmi.

Birgunj United FC

  • Devendra Tamang (marquee), Bishwas Shrestha, Ajit Prajapati, Subash Gurung, Man Bahadur Tamang, Manish Thapa, Ekraj Budathoki, Tekendra Singh Thapa, Rajeev Gurung, Suraj Jeu Thakuri, Bimal Rana, Sudip Gurung, Rejin Subba, Surya Adhikari, Abhisekh Gurung, Bijay Shrestha.

Kathmandu Rayzrs

  • Bikesh Kuthu (marquee), Ashish Gurung, Rajiv Lopchan, Kuldip Karki, Pujan Hona, Rajendra Rawal, Ashish Shakya, Biraj Maharjan, Manish Sedhain, Sunil Bal, Narendra Chaudhary, Shyam Babu Kyapchhki, Jagjeet Shrestha, Dipak Gurung, Suman Lama, Roshan Pahari.

Biratnagar City FC

  • Rajeen Dhimal (marquee), Ulrich Siewe, Manish Dangi, Deep Karki, Milan Rai, Awas Lamichhane, Saroj Tamang, Rohit Karki, Anjan Rai, Ashok Khawas, Dorje Tamang, Yadu Silwal, Buddhiman Rai, Bijay Dhimal, Prakash Budathoki, Nir Kumar Rai, Pradip Lama.

Sporting Mechi de Ilam

  • Tej Tamang (marquee), Diwakar Chaudhary, Bibek Basnet, Ashok Thapa, Karan Rawat, Dipesh Ale Magar, Dipesh Ghale, Ashis Rai, Nishant Thapa, Jiwan Gurung, Gautam Shrestha, Abisekh Baral, Yubraj Khadka, Sajan Rai, Niraj Chaudhary, Hemanta Shrestha.

More than dozen of auctioned players flown Abroad

With the uncertainty of the second edition of Nepal Super League, more than dozens of players has left Nepal for their better future. The player list includes the Nepalese internationals and even four of the NSL's marquee players (Rajeen Dhimal, Bishal Rai, Tej Tamang & Sujal Shrestha). The second season of Nepal Super League.

As per one of the member of the organizers Nepal Sports and event management, players replacement could be done for those who've flown abroad. Meanwhile the players in Australia are showing their wills to return and play NSL S2 but they have certain condition if the organizer/club clears all their travel expenses (both return and depart) so that they could come here, play and return back again.

Home and away concept

As the Nepal Super League is getting a huge audience before the commencement of it's second season, here we present you the concept of home and away formats. It will only be possible if the league runs for more than 7 months in a double round robin format.

As the team represent themselves with the name of important cities all over Nepal, each team could use the available infrastructures around their places to make it happen. ANFA, NSEM & even the A division club need to sit and talk on merging the teams with the large investors coming upfront. The whole Nepalese football structure need a wise intervention with the common consent of all the stakeholders. 

Dashrath Stadium as Kathmandu Rayzrs home ground

The Dashrath Stadium is the largest & internationally recognized football stadium in Nepal. It is also the home ground of Nepal national football team. Located in the heart of Kathmandu city Dashrath International Stadium can hold up to 15,000 spectators at once. It was was the only venue for the inaugural season of Nepal Super League 2021. 

Chyasal Stadium as Lalitpur City FC home ground

Located at the prime location, Chyasal stadium has already hosted the recently concluded Nepal's top tier Martyr's Memorial A Division League 2079. Chyasal could hold upto 10,000 spectators at once and could be the home ground of Lalitpur City FC.

Simara Stadium as Birgunj United FC homeground

Simara Stadium is one of the most developed stadiums in Madhesh province with even the ability to host matches under floodlights. It hosts Nepal's rekown football competition named Jeetpur Simara Gold Cup yearly.

Chandragadhi Stadium as Jhapa FC home ground

Located in the center of Jhapa Bhadrapur, Chandragadhi Stadium is widely known as the host of popular Bhadrapur Jhapa Gold Cup. The ongoing project of this stadium could accommodate almost 10,000 spectators. Chandragadhi Stadium could be used as the home ground of Jhapa FC in near future.

Sahid Rangasala as Biratnagar City FC home ground

Sahid Rangasala, Biratnagar has already hosted the 2019 SAFF Women's championship for the first time in it's history. With a capacity of almost 15,000 spectators Birat Rangasala can even conduct the matches under the flood lights. Nepal's renown domestic football competition Birat Gold Cup happens here and even Biratnagar City FC participate as the home team.

Thulo Tudikhel Ground as Sporting Ilam De Mechi home ground

Thulo Tudikhel ground host another renown football competition "Mai Valley Gold Cup" every year. As a new club in the second season of Nepal Super League, Sporting Ilam De Mechi could use the Thulo Tudikhel Ground as their home ground in near future. The stadium has the capacity of holding upto 10,000 spectators.

Dhangadhi Stadium Ground as Dhangadhi FC home ground

Dhangadi stadium is one of the regional stadiums in Nepal. Located the Sudurpaschim province, the stadium is under construction for the 5th National Games. This stadium is the host to 
Sudurpaschim Khaptad Gold Cup & it's capacity is 10,000. Dhangadhi FC could use the this stadium as their home ground in near future.

ANFA Technical Center as Butwal Lumbini FC home ground

ANFA Technical Centre is the host to another well known domestic competition Tilottama Gold Cup 
& it's capacity is 10,000. Constructed under FIFA Goal project, the academy operated by 8th June 2009, remains closed for few years, and reopened in June 2019. The total area of the academy is 1.35 hectares in the initial land registration document. ANFA  started  ANFA Academies in Butwal with U13 players since 2003Butwal Lumbini FC could use the this stadium as their home ground in near future

Campa Chaur as FC Chitwan home ground

Campa Chaur hosts the Bharatpur Gold Cup every year. With a capacity of 5,000 Campa Chaur could be the best option for FC Chitwan to use it as their home ground before the completion of yet another large 
stadium in Rampur Chiwan, Gautam Buddha International Stadium.

Pokhara Rangasala as Pokhara Thunders home ground

Rangasala is a multi-purpose stadium in PokharaGandaki ProvinceNepal. It has a capacity of 16,500 spectators. The venue is located to the south of Pokhara at Rambazaar on the eastern bank of Seti river It is the only venue in Nepal beside Dasarath Rangasala Stadium to host international football matches . The stadium has hosted several international friendly matches of the Nepal national football team. The other facilities near the stadium are used to host volleyball, basketball, cricket, wrestling, boxing and badminton.

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