2023 Nepal Super League S2 Getting even bigger: from Super Saturday, food stalls to super fan of the tournament

The most awaited second season of Nepal's largest franchise league Nepal Super League NSL is just 4 months away from it's kick off. Ahead of that lots of things are coming out among the audiences that this time the league is even getting more bigger with lots of new things.

In a recent podcast in Colors of the game the Managing Director of Nepal Super League Mr. Shreyans Karki has expressed the ideas of Nepal Sports & Event Management pvt.ltd regarding the new season of Nepal Super League.

Here we will discuss all the rough ideas and new introductions to the NSL 2.0 as said by Shreyans in the podcast. 

Here are some new things you may expect on NSL 2023:
  • Digital Screen board on the ground. 
  • Broadcasting Team and Equipment from India. The team who did the U-17 women's world cup, IPL 2023 Interested to work in NSL.
  • Foreign commentators.
  • Foreign Referees
  • International legendary player to Inaugurate Opening Ceremony 
  • So many concerts with Local and also with International Artists.
  • Setting up a studio in Delhi and May be Sunil Chhetri and Bhai Chung Bhutia will be on a post-match or pre-match show it was fixed before but now Chhetri is most likely to be unavailable due to Asian Cup preparation.
  • Two matches at night 
  • Food stall and most likely alcohol (on less volume) available in Stadium 
There are lots of talks and negotiations going on.  Everything will be finalize by 2/3 month.

NSL uncertainties and players movement to Australia

It's true that all those players who have been playing in Australian local league couldn't have left Nepal if the second season of Nepal Super League was conducted on time. With a premium type facilities and a handsome timely income from NSL, player wouldn't have thought of flying to Australia. They could stay with their family and earn their living here in Nepal too. 

The NSL & A Division League: A yearly cycle in Nepalese football

The Martyr's memorial A Division League currently holds the Nepalese top tier football league. NSEM were demanding the time & space ahead the start of A Division League yearly. A 2-2.5 months NSL could play as a pre-season tournament for the A Division League. The then 6-7 months league will cover almost 9 months where players could get them involved in football, earn & enjoy their profession.

The misconception from A Division Clubs on NSL

As a player transfer NSEM team were expecting some help from ANFA to improve their relations with AFC, UEFA and other organization. As mentioning the AFC & UEFA, A division club thought that NSL is going to take over the A Division league the Nepalese top tier football competition.

Seems like NSL was used a political agenda even by the ANFA as if they could stop 14 votes are secured from the A Division Leagues who had the misconception over NSL as mentioned.
We have no intension to tussle with A Division League to be the prime or the top. We are here just to make Nepalese football more commercial. -Shreyans Karki

A Division league clubs are still worried about their existence due to NSL. They feel afraid that NSL could overcome A Division which could make their existence in trouble. After removing the clauses mentioning AFC in the contract the clubs were convinced. 

The early payment over the contract for NSL 2.0:

The NSL which was supposed to happen last year but the several misunderstandings among the NSEM and the A Division Clubs followed by the ANFA election got all plans cancelled. This time after convincing all the A Division Clubs, ANFA & NSEM signed a eight years long agreement on last December.

As per the joint statement, NSEM would provide ANFA with Rs 170.21 million over the period of eight years for the sole right to organize the NSL. NSEM President Karki Chaudhary even handed over a cheque to Rs 10.5 million to ANFA General Secretary Rai as the first installment.

The organizers were supposed to submit the sum of money after the league ends. But they paid the money upfront so that there won't be any problems in the near future. Even that money helped the financially struggling ANFA to run A Division League.

The redo's on players auction

The auction could happen again if everything goes well the auction could happen again for the second season as most of the auctioned players even the marquee ones have left Nepal. In the coming days each clubs can retain their their certain percentage of players for the next season.

The revolution in Nepalese sports broadcasting

As last season when the organizers were close to sign the deal with ANFA, they had planned to setup a studio in Delhi inviting the Indian legends Sunil Chettri & Bhai Chung Bhutiya for the post and pre match programs in especial matchdays.

Broadcasting Team and Equipment from India may come. The team who did the U-17 woman world cup, IPL 2023 are interested to work in NSL.

We want to change the broadcasting dynamism in Nepal not by replacing the existing manpower's but bringing a foreign team with some locals so that we can also learn from them. -Shreyans Karki


The international referees

Last time when the NSL S2 deal was almost near, the organizers NSEM team had even spoken with the referees from India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka as to address the biased and match fixing scenarios. The availability of these neutral referees could reduce the questions over the play.

The digital boards all around the event venues

Last time before the one months before the  kick off NSL S2, NSEM team had signed a deal with an India company to bring digital boards to display and advertise the sponsors all around the stadium. 

We had even signed a deal with an Indian company to bring large digital boards last time when we were one months away the kick off. Those display boards could be used for the sponsors not even in NSL but also it could be operated during A Division League.  

Introduction to the Super Saturday

This time the NSL S2 will have a super Saturday where two matches will be played in the same day. A more of pure entertainment, audience could enjoy the performance from the local artists in between the two matches for at least 20-30 minutes.

Introducing the food culture inside the venue

Hopefully this time NSL is trying to include footstalls inside the stadium with amazing ambience of drinks, momos and pizzas. Even a certain area will be allocated for the child as a children play and entertainment region.

Last time we badly missed the audiences due to COVID 19 pandemic. This time we won't miss the chance to witness the people in larger numbers. Our major focus is purely on how to entertain our audiences. - Shreyans Karki

A renown international football star as the face of NSL

NSEM team are trying to bring an international retired football star as the face of the event Ambassador. If possible the fans could witness some international artist in the opening & closing ceremony.

We are trying to bring a retired professional footballer as the prominent face of the league. Not for the entire duration of the league. Hopefully  he will be with us for 5-7 days during the opening. Giving a hint he was professional Portuguese star from English Premier League. Soon we will revealed him through our social media handles if we got the date from him. - Shreyans Karki

Introduction to super fan of the match

During the half time  in each match,  camera will be rotating to capture the fans with best dressed and energetic with the vibes and ambience will be chosen as the fan of the day. He/she will get an exciting cash price or money. Also among these fans from each matches at the end the fan of the season will be announced.

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