Bikash Meraglia: the fall of an Italian talent over the pitch of Nepal / an unexpected journey

Bikash Meraglia, a well known name among the Nepalese football fans since recent years. A Nepalese born Italian talent who have been showing his top notch football in Italy was seen here in the land of Himalayas a years ago. Very few knows about this Nepalese born talent & here in this article we are exploring Meraglia's pasts & future prospect.

Born on November 21,2002, Bikash Meraglia does not want to state his full Nepali identity, saying he was born in a rural village of Nepal.

From Nepal to Italy

It was during 2008, Bikash was adopted by an Italian family from Belluno, who took him straight to Italy at an early age of 5. The initial name Bikash was his original name & his surname Meraglia was given by his Italian family.

A dream to become Pilot: Destiny matters

The first time he saw a plane was when he left Nepal. In this way, Bikash Meraglia, a teenager, thought, 'I will definitely become a pilot one day.' However, becoming a pilot was not written in his destiny. His destination was football.

From youth club football to Italy U16

As an European nation, Italy have been playing football since long. Even the Italian children at their young ages are more attracted to the countries football from the early age. Prior to Bikash he was too much interested in playing football. Meraglia started his career in professional football from the youth team of Atlanta BC. He was then sent on a loan to Venezia U19. Again upgrading his level from U17 Bikash came back to his former club Atlanta U19 for 209/20 season. Bikash was then transferred to Cattolica Club & after spending a season there he moved to Mariglianese which plays the Serie D, a fourth tier league in Italy. Here are the clubs Bikash spent during his stay in Italian professional football.
  • 2015/16 Atlanta Nursery
  • 2018/19 Atlanta U17
  • 2019/20 Venezia U19
  • 2019/20 Atlanta U19
  • 2020/21 Cattolicca
  • 2021/22 Mariglianese
  • 2021/22 Chyasal Youth Club
Over the course of his youth career, Bikash has played a total of 33 gameswhere he scored 6 with an assist averaging 296 in per goal.

Thursday 24 August 2017 Call up for U16 National team

Daniele Zoratto called up 22 players born in 2002 in Under 16 national team a four-day internship. Among the 22 players Bikash was also the one who was playing for the Atlanta BC as a midfielder back in 2017.

With U16 Italy national team jersey Bikash played 2 matches in the Villareal de Santo Antonia international competition that included the teams like Italy Germany, Netherlands & Portugal.

Bikash interest on Nepali football

Even in Italy Bikash was in contact with his relatives here in Nepal. He used to ask about the football in Nepal. Moreover Bikash was attracted to Nepal when the former coach Abdullah Almutairi approached him to play for Nepal.

It was back in 2021 when Nepal was doing well in SAFF Championship. From the very day, Bikash was more enthusiast to know the Nepali football. He used to watch the Nepali football team matches on TV there in Italy.

Abdullah Almutairi attempt on Bikash

On a press meet during the SAFF championship 2021, former Nepal National Football Team head coach Abdullah Almutairi speaking he had said that he was in contact with a player from Italy who want to play in Nepal. AA didn't even disclosed the name.

"If there are overseas players, the team will be stronger, Sri Lanka have some of the overseas players," AA said, "Last April I also talked to such players from Nepal who is playing in Italy. However, in Nepal there is no rule for players who have foreign passports to play." AA added.

AA had even asked him to play for Nepal and it was a positive response from Bikash. As Nepal has no legalization of dual citizenship legal if Bikash even wanted to play he had to quit his Italian passport, which is one the most strongest password in the world.

The rumor to join National team

After the coach AA's statement, people started guessing Bikash's name. It was rumored that Bikash was returning Nepal for the closed camp for AFC U20 Asian Cup Qualifiers but he was signed by Chaysal

Bikash's return to homeland after 13 years

It was on Kartik 2/ October 19 Tuesday Bikash put his foot in Nepal by Dubai air. It was after almost 13 years Bikash was stepping on his homeland.
'I was getting some offers in Italy, but when I got a call from Nepal, I couldn't stop.' He adds, 'I was in favor of such a call for a long time and it was very emotional. I have returned to Nepal after 13 years and want to show who I am.' Bikash added - via La Gazzetta

Tie with Chyasal Youth Club

Bikash couldn't resist the call of home. And so he returned to Nepal. Bikash Meraglia, a young promise of Italian football, signed with Chyasal Youth for the Nepal's top tier Martyr's Memorial A Division League 2021/22 in a one year deal. Chyasal was in continuous talk with him from so long.

The historic unveiling

2078 Kartik 5 Friday

Bikash officially signed a one year contract with Chyasal YC. An unveiling ceremony was done at Chyasal Ground, which was the first time in Nepal. Bikash was given the jersey no.10. Chyasal too signed Kamal Shrestha from Manang Marsyangdi and Biraj Maharjan from Machhindra. Both were the captain of their former clubs.

A bad start with a missed penalty

It was on the very first match of the Martyr's Memorial A Division league 2022 when Chyasal faced three star club. Bikash missed his golden chance to score hia debut goal even from the penalty. The very bad omen Bikash couldn't deliver throughout the competition. He looked off on Nepalese pitch which are comparatively too poor with those in Italy & Europe. The hype Bikash & even Chyasal had before the start of the league let most of the Nepalese football fans disappointed.

The high hopes & upsets with Meraglia

Bikash who retuned his home to show who he is, was not able to deliver himself as according to the hype he had in the beginning. Many people are upset about the performance of Bikash who lost the penalty in the first game. Why not ? Ordinary Nepali football fans were willing to witness Bikash's excellency with Nepal's color.


The relegation of so called strong Chyasal

Chyasal who had a much better management couldn't deliver as they were supposed to do. Even the signings of big names like Bikash Meraglia couldn't save them from relegation. Chayal fell down into the very place ( B-Division) where they had rised from.

Bikash Answer on his play from National team

Bikash had a clear intention to involve in Nepalese football for a long term to wait the perfect chance to play in red & blues. But that couldn't went as expected. The uncertainties & the sign of downfall in Nepalese football made him think to step back for a while.

On the question will you play for Nepal National football team?? Bikash expressed a symbol of no pointing out the Nepalese immigrant law on dual citizenship. On his Instagram live Bikash had opened his mouth saying- to play for Nepal he had to quit the Italian passport which is the strongest one and could put himself in the trouble for  future.

"They all are saying that I should play for Nepal, but I have an Italian passport, which is one of the strongest one in the world. So, I can't play for Nepal now." Bikash via his Instagram Live

Bikash's wait for the Nepal Super League still on pending

Before Chyasal Nepal's first ever franchise league Nepal Super League were trying to feature him. Though Bikash missed the first season he was positive on the note to play more advanced & competitive football in the second season of NSL. Bikash was reported to be included in the Dhangadhi FC's squad returned Italy after the postpone of the league back in April 2022.

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