How to watch Saudi Pro League Live ? Cristiano Ronaldo's debut in Al Nassr FC live streaming

One of the global sensation in the world football, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo's signing in the Saudi pro league Al Nassr FC stunned the whole world with a record €200M per year. Man with 527M followers in Instagram Ronaldo's have the largest fan followings in the world. A move from the world's most competitive European football to the not a renowned Asian leagues, Ronaldo has been criticized. Man who seems out of his form from the premier league to the Portugal's world cup campaign in Qatar, Ronaldo took his decision to play in Asian Soil.

Saudi's smart move with Ronaldo:

Al Nassr's who was a team based in Saudi Pro league after signing Ronaldo is getting fame world wide building up a huge millions of their new fan base. This is a very rare case that a team based in Asia which have the weakest league structures & brand value in world football getting their names all over the internet gaining tremendous popularity. Saudi Pro league which used to be the league based in Riyad is no longer a regional competition, it'll surely gonna be the world's one of the most followed league outside Europe. And Al Nassr is no longer a regional team it has already been a global club.

Massive followers gain for Al Nassr

Soon after the signing of Ronaldo Al Nassr's Instagram has crossed over 6.6Millions followers which they used to have around 8.65 lakhs before. They even India based surpassed Indian Super League cub Kerela Blasters as the most followed Asian Clubs. Al- Nassr has now more instagram followers than 7 Premier League clubs combined ( New Castle, Aston Villa, Crystal, Brighton, Bournemouth, Nottingham Forest, Brentford).

A war in the broadcast of Saudi Pro League

It was back in 2018 when Ronaldo moved to Italy for Serie A with Juventus. The time when most of the British media brought the broadcast right to make the live available for the Ronaldo's fan followers within their region. This time too many of his fans are confused on the live stream of Saudi Pro League. 

How to watch Saudi Pro League live?? 

Saudi Pro League is amateur top tier league which is broadcasted live on one football & SSC sports network. But there's no provision to watch these league games outside Asia. No broadcast in USA & UK as there are no media who seek their eyes to Saudi before Ronaldo's signing. You can watch Saudi Pro League via SSC Sports Network if you are in Asia or sub region i.e. South Asian countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives.

Watch Saudi Pro League Live:


Preparation on live stream across the globe: 

Ronaldo who was an ex-Manchester united star still have a huge fan following in England. Some of the British media are approaching the Saudi's channel to get the broadcasting right in UK. In US too, many medias are interested on it. This shows how one of the greatest football phenomena can influence the whole world with his signing for a common Asian club. This shows his supremacy in world football.

Ronaldo's inside clause: Move to Newcastle for next season Champions League:

Many football followers across the globe were surprised on Ronaldo's move to a common Asian club which even feel hard to qualify their regional club competitions like AFC challenge cup. Many of his own fans are blaming him that Ronaldo went there for money. But Cristiano had a surprised plan. Accoring to the international sports media the champions league star have a clause in his contract that he will move to English Premier League Club New Castle United for the next years Champions League if they qualify . It was all because both Al Nassr & New Castle are owned by the same Saudi owner.

Chances of New Castle to play Champions League:

Currently the New Castle United are in better shape in the ongoing EPL just 2 points behind the second standing Man City & 9 points behind the table toppers Arsenal. Man United are on 4th with 2 points behind them. To qualify for the Champions League New Castle need to finish the 2022/23 EPL within top four.

When will Ronaldo make his debut for Al Nassr?

Before his debut, Ronaldo is all set for a special reveal by his new club at their home stadium. Almost 30K people are expected at Cristiano Ronaldo's presentation ceremony today on Jan 3 at 7:00 PM local time, which is expected to last around two hours.The club want a similar ceremony to the one at Real Madrid in 2009, according to the Saudi press.

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