The Dilemma ending Nepali football / NSL came into existence meanwhile A division league still in confusion

There won't be a Memorial A Division League, including the one that starts on Poush 26th, as the financial accounts between All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) and A Division teams haven't been agreed upon. Even after a year has gone and domestic leagues have not been allowed to take place since Falgun last year, ANFA has continually moved the league because of internal strife.

Since the last 6 to 7 months, more than 30 Nepali football players have immigrated to Australia in search of better opportunities. ANFA had decided to switch league from a single round robin format to a double round robin starting on Poush 26. Additionally, moving certain games to Mofasal.

Although the 3-month league was extended to five months, now again on the pretext of not getting the preparation money at the same time, it was confirmed that the league will not be held on the scheduled time after the last team registration date on Thursday (Poush 7th). So far, only the former runner-up departmental team Tribhuvan Army Football Club and Church Boys Club, which has been promoted for this season, have registered with ANFA to play the league, while the other 12 clubs are reluctant to register.

The majority of the clubs stated that they are prepared to register the squad at the meeting on Thursday, but they must cover the costs associated with preparation. However, ANFA's readiness was contingent on ANFA covering the costs of preparation. The subsequent request for a meeting to discuss league operations concluded without a resolution. ANFA and the team, in particular, want to blame one another and quit the league. The management of financial resources is tough for both players and league members.

The series of uncertainty, NSL resumes A division in doubt:

A few days after ANFA signed an 8-year contract with NSEM on 5th Poush Tuesday 5th, the future of the A Division League on the other side has been in doubt. Also, most of the clubs are not satisfied with the agreement with the franchise league NSL. The second edition of NSL, which was supposed to be held in Chaitra last year, was also being postponed due to the failure of dealings with ANFA.

Clubs dissatisfaction with ANFA continues

The A division clubs were angry from the beginning saying that the NSL, had contracted their players to the team without their consent. The newly-led ANFA, which failed to reach an agreement with the NSL repeatedly, finally managed to sign an 8-year contract with Nepal Sports and Event Management Pvt. ANFA, which is almost on the verge of collapse due to the halt of Nepali football activities for the past 1 year, has already received the remaining 1.5 crores for the first season.

What next then? Will A division league continue?

Regardless all these controversies still ANFA have put their words on the clubs after one week to pay all their training compensations. Every year clubs were unpaid of their amounts to be released from ANFA. If the clubs and ANFA agrees upon the mutual consent, A division league will resumes probably in the first week of March.

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