Nepali Football Sensation Anjan Bista Makes History, Joins Bangladeshi Premier League

A landmark Move: Anjan Bista signs with Fortis FC

In a groundbreaking move for Nepali football, Anjan Bista, the formidable forward and striker of the national men's football team, has secured a historic spot in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Fortis FC has announced the signing of Bist for the ongoing 2023/24 season, marking the first time a Nepali player has graced the esteemed BPL arena.

Bista, renowned as the joint top scorer for Nepal's national team, has carved his name in the annals of Nepali football history. His transfer to Fortis FC not only elevates his career but also shines a spotlight on the burgeoning talent within South Asian football.

First Nepalese footballer to play BPL 

Along with this, Anjan, the joint top scorer of the Nepali national men's football team, will become the first Nepali player to play in the Bangladesh Premier League. Earlier, Ganesh Thapa Hari Khadka and former star players played in the Dhaka Premier League in the 90s, but none of the Nepali players played in the Bangladesh Premier League, a professional football tournament that came to Bangladesh in 2007. For this reason, Anjan is the first player from Nepal to play in BPL. However, the club did not disclose how much he signed for.

Mid Season Break: BPL pause amidst FIFA World Qualifiers

The move comes amidst a mid-season break in the BPL, as the Bangladesh national football team gears up for the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Fortis FC, currently positioned at fifth place in the league table, anticipates Bista's prowess to bolster their performance in the upcoming matches.

Bista's path through international leagues

Anjan Bista's journey to the Bangladeshi league follows stints with Mumbai Kenkre in the Hero I-League and recently the Thunderbolt North United in the 2024 Sikkim Premier League. Despite his team's commendable performance in the latter, clinching the title eluded them in a hard-fought final.

Having showcased his talent on the international stage, including a stellar performance against Bangladesh in a friendly match in 2022, where he contributed to Nepal's victory with a hat-trick, Bista's potential has attracted attention beyond regional borders. Spanish football agent Ruiz and Gomez have been instrumental in facilitating opportunities for Bista in the global football arena.

Club's Perspective: Fortis FC Welcomes Anjan's Arrival 

Rashidul Islam, manager of Anjan's new club Fortis FC, acknowledges Bista's impact on the game. With an eye on enhancing the club's performance amidst challenges like player suspensions and injuries, Fortis FC eagerly anticipates Bista's contribution.

While domestic football activities in Nepal face a decline, Bista's move to the BPL signifies a beacon of hope for the nation's football aspirations. Despite the absence of an A Division League this year, Nepali players venturing into international leagues like the BPL promise to elevate the country's football stature.

As Anjan prepares to embark on his journey to Dhaka after the World Cup qualifier against Bahrain, Nepali football enthusiasts await with bated breath to witness his exploits on the Bangladeshi turf. With his talent and determination, Anjan stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the Bangladeshi Premier League and inspire generations of footballers in Nepal.

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