Tej Tamang, Dinesh Rajbanshi & Gautam Shrestha leave for Australia/ Yeti & Machhapuchhre grabbed the deal

Due to the uncertainty of football in Nepal, three more Nepalese internationals have departed for Australia on Monday. Defenders Gautam Shrestha & Dinesh Rajbanshi along with the midfield maestro Tej Tamang have left Nepal for their better future.

Gautam has emerged from street football to National Team through Nepal Super League. Meanwhile Dinesh Rajbanshi is the product of ANFA academy who came into limelight along with the big names like Anajan Bista, Bimal Gharti Magar & Pujan Uparkoti. Absence of these three regular & important members in Nepali National Football Team will surely gonna suffer.

Why are the Nepalese players leaving Nepal?

Earlier due to conflict between the ANFA & A division clubs, Martyr’s memorial A Division League was not happening in time. Also the second season of Nepal’s first franchise league NSL was also cancelled. Postpone from last year Chaitra to next year Ashoj Kartik, rather than the International Friendly Matches, not even a single football leagues has been organized.

Regardless all these uncertainties though the most awaited A division league continues from Falgun 19, players move to abroad shows no faith on ANFA. Gautam Shrestha, who was signed by Sankata for the upcoming A division league, Tej Tamang & Dinesh Rajbanshi who were both signed by newcomers Church Boys United all three players have left everything here to go abroad for their family. Before Gautam,Tej & Dinesh more than a dozens of Nepalese internationals have already departured for Australia . Players like Santosh Tamang, Aashish Lama, Suman Lama, Shiva Gurung, Rajan Gurung, Rumesh Bartaula are playing for local clubs there. Guatam Shrestha will play for the Sydney based Nepali club Machhapuchhre FC. Meanwhile Tej Tamang & Dinesh Rajbanshi both will play for Yeti FC.

It’s been said that these players had submitted their VISA to Australian Embassy 5-6 months ago & was accepted earlier. But they were taking time to take decision whether to stay or leave Nepal. Even more players including Nepal’s U20 captain Aayush Ghalan is also rumored to have his VISA approval.

What will they do in Australia?

Many of them will play weekend football for the clubs who have managed their whole VISA processing. These players will work for the whole week & play football for 1-2 days at the end of the week i.e. Saturday & Sunday. Many of them are continuing their higher study in Australia.

What is the VISA type?

Most of the players are taken by the clubs on their own sponsorship, where some players are going with own money. It’s actually a 3 years VISA where these players can’t return back to Nepal for their first 3 months. Then after they can return to Nepal and again go back to Australia. In order to extend their VISA players are making their own way applying for the dependent with their love partners or change the visa to student getting enrolled in the University for Study.

A serious problem in Nepalese sports:

With the more better facilities, life style & ample earning players are choosing over Australia & have rare chance to return Nepal. If the ANFA & Nepal Government will still unsee these excessive flow of Nepalese football talents to abroad, country will not even loose them but also the millions of money invested over them to groom. If it's not stop whole Nepalese sports could soon face a huge disaster.

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