Leveraging Qatar's Sports Diplomacy: What's inside sports agreement on Qatari Emir's Nepal visit ?

In recent days, Nepal has been abuzz with the visit of Qatar's King Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. The two-day state visit, initiated by an official invitation from President Ramchandra Paudel, has sparked discussions across social networks. Qatar's growing global investments, particularly in sports, have drawn attention, highlighting potential collaborations with Nepal.

Qatar's Global Investments

Qatar's investment ventures extend far beyond its borders, encompassing diverse sectors and nations. With significant contributions in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, and India, Qatar's economic footprint is substantial. Fueled by its abundant gas resources, Qatar has expanded its investments, particularly in energy-related projects worldwide.

Qatar's Sports Ventures

Qatar's foray into the realm of sports has been marked by notable achievements, including hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The significant investment of $220 billion for the event underscores Qatar's commitment to sports on a global scale. Notably, Qatar's involvement in football extends beyond hosting tournaments, encompassing support for national teams and leagues in various countries.

Qatar-Nepal Collaboration in Sports

The recent agreement between Qatar and Nepal signifies a new chapter in sports diplomacy between the two nations. With a focus on youth and sports, the agreement encompasses cooperation in various sectors, including art, culture, education, communication, and industry. Qatar's commitment to supporting Nepal's national football team, through facilities and friendly matches, reflects a tangible effort to strengthen bilateral relations through sports.

Reportedly, Qatar is also eager to build a sports complex in Nepal, give Tribhuvan University financial and technical support, set up a labor hospital in Nepal, and provide training for migrant workers from Nepal. It all depends on how the Nepalese representatives negotiate.

Qatar's Ongoing Support for Nepali Football

Qatar's support for Nepali football predates the recent agreement, with a history of assistance in training sessions, coaching, and sponsorship. Despite recent shifts in leadership within the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), Qatar's commitment to Nepali football remains steadfast. Initiatives such as close camps, friendly matches, and coaching appointments have contributed to the growth of Nepali football on the international stage.

Emulating Success: Lessons from Sri Lanka

Qatar's collaboration with Sri Lanka in football development serves as a blueprint for potential endeavors in Nepal. The three-year project, in partnership with the Aspire Academy, aims to revolutionize Sri Lankan football across all national teams. Notable appointments, including renowned figures like Andrew Morrison and Keith Stevens, highlight Qatar's dedication to fostering talent and expertise in partner nations.

Opportunities for Nepal's Sporting Future

In light of Qatar's investments and support in sports, Nepal stands to benefit from strategic collaborations. By leveraging Qatar's expertise and resources, Nepal can devise a comprehensive football development plan, akin to the initiative in Sri Lanka. Such a plan, supported by the government of Qatar, has the potential to elevate Nepali sports on the global stage and foster long-term bilateral relations beyond the realm of sports.


Qatar's visit to Nepal and the subsequent agreement in the field of sports signify a promising avenue for collaboration and development. As Nepal explores opportunities to enhance its sporting landscape, leveraging Qatar's expertise and investments presents a viable pathway towards a brighter sporting future. By embracing strategic partnerships and learning from successful models like the one in Sri Lanka, Nepal can embark on a transformative journey towards sporting excellence.

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