The only way to get success in Nepalese football / Here's the vision and prospect from an Uruguay coach in regard of Nepal football

The South American football giant Uruguay has always been one of the strongest side in the global football. The 2 times world champions Uruguay's progress in the football hasn't been successful over the night. They do worked from the ground, trained & prepared their youths from the early age with several development programs. 

Here being a struggling football nation, Nepal has even not found their space out of the South Asia. We lacks a proper long term plan for the development of football. We the team of sajhakhel came across with a well experienced coach from Uruguay Mr. Jorge Anon to know how Nepal football should go for it's development. 

Jorge's comment on Nepal's performance in SAFF Championship

Pay attention to the FIFA ranking.

  • India 100 
  • Kuwait 141 
  • Nepal 175 
  • Pakistan 201 

Looking at the results the Nepalese team had in the competition, Nepal played vs Kuwait lost, vs India lost, and vs Pakistan won. This clearly shows us that Nepal cannot surpass the countries that are better ranked in FIFA. From what we can see in the highlights of the matches vs India and Kuwait, there are no big differences, but these two countries show superiority, especially in collective play, defending and attacking. In the match vs Pakistan, Nepal showed superiority in the entire 90 minutes of the match, especially in the collective attack. - Coach Jorge Anon, Uruguay

Youth Development Project: A key way to develop Nepalese football

Talking about the coach of Nepal, he comes with very good credentials from India and there is no doubt that the coach is trying to bring out the best in Nepal in both defensive and defensive play. 

I discussed a long time ago with the General Secretary of the All Nepal Football Association. If you want to improve soccer in your country, the only way is to develop children's and youth soccer by building a long-term Development Project. This will change the mentality, that the players have a winning mentality, and improve in the different technical, tactical, physical capacities and, as I said previously, psychological. - Coach Jorge Anon, Uruguay

Coach Jorge's experience over YDP in Uruguay

I can say this with total certainty because it is demonstrated with a clear example like our country, Uruguay.  Our project began in 2006 where great achievements were obtained, 4th position in 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa 2010, 2 South American Cups, and at the youth level always qualifying for the Olympics, World Cups, obtaining the maximum achievement in the Under 20 World Championship (CHAMPIONS). - Coach Jorge Anon, Uruguay

Jorge's proposal on the start of building a long-term youth development in Nepal

If Nepal likes to go the right way, I give you some points that are very important to start building long-term youth development. The monetary expenses that are invested in this project is not lost money, quite the contrary, it is money invested to obtain success. - Coach Jorge Anon, Uruguay


The presentation is very important since I can be a great Project, but I must know the history of your country, so that I can adapt to your daily life and be able to obtain our objectives. 


Achieve a good scouting, develop, and train all these young people so that they reach the main team in the best physical, technical, tactical, and mental form, without forgetting that first we are educators and then coaches. 


The current studies on motor learning, consider that the training of the athlete is a process that extends over a long period of their life and that goes through various stages that are determined by their evolution and the methodological approaches that are used.


This project will have the Nepal Football Association as a direct beneficiary, and the players under 17 and under 19. As indirect beneficiaries to all the clubs that the selected players belong to.


To ensure that the athletes reach a degree of development of their physical, technical, tactical, and psychological capacities that allow them to compete with real possibilities of success within the sport in question. 


a- find the best young players, to form the categories under 17 and under19. This work will be within the planning and those responsible for scouting must be trained coaches.

b- equipment for training.


Schedule where it will be detailed what will be done in each month. 


At the beginning of this process we will consider different objectives to achieve the expected purposes. Then there will be different evaluations to detect the level that they are obtaining while planning. 


a- Human resources, that is, the people who will be involved in this project.

b- Infrastructure, that is, we must train, field, gym, weight room, etc. 


Salary of the technical staff: 


It will be a 3-year project, where the planning of the first macrocycle (one year) will be built. For the second year of work, it will be planned based on the evaluations diagnosed with data from the previous season. 


Evaluations will be made at the beginning of the season, every three months, and at the end of the season. It is very important that the main team coach should be involved in this project.

Read Some of the Jorge Anon's development projects proposal for ANFA

1.Youth Development Programs

2.Women Development Programs

3.Football Academy Programs

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