The massive signing of Nepalese women's footballer in Indian Women's league/ Here are the players and their clubs

Most of the regular members of the Nepali women's football team have already left for India to play the 2023 new season of India Indian Women's League, which started on April 26, Wednesday.

Seeing the performance of the players in the Nepali women's team, which has been in excellent rhythm lately, clubs in India are signing Nepali girls to their team one by one.

Around half a dozen players, including national team captain and goalkeeper Anjila Subba, forward Sabitra Bhandari, Rekha Paudel, midfielders Saru Limbu and Renuka Nagarkote, will now feature in India's top division women's league.

Similarly, Anjana Rana Magar, the emerging goalkeeper of the national team, is now going to appear in the IndianLeague. Lately, Anjana, who is the second choice goalkeeper in the national women's team, has been attracting everyone's attention with her performance. She is reported to be signed by Mumbai Knights FC for this season's Hero Women's League team.

Nepali national women's team captain and goalkeeper Anjila Subba, who is going to play in the Indian league for the first time, will play Hero women's league for Sethu FC, while forward Sabitra, who has also played for Sethu before  will again play for Gokulam Kerala this time. On the other hand, Sports Odisha has contracted two young players Rekha Paudel and Amisha Karki in their team.

Similarly, midfielders Saru Limbu and Renuka Nakarkote, who are going to play in the Indian League for the first time, will play in the league from Kickstar FC. Anita Basnet will be featuring from Lords FA.

Last time, on the eve of India's Olympic qualifiers, the players of the Nepali women's team, who had held the domestic team to a draw in their last two games, have come into the eyes of the clubs there.

Although the parent organization All Nepal Football Association cannot devalue the Nepali women's team, which is progressing with limited resources, the national team will become more experienced in the future as our girls can represent their playing skills in the Indian soil on their own.

Here are the players & their clubs:

  • Anjila Subba, Goalkeeper: Sethu FC
  • Anita Basnet, Midfielder: Lords FA
  • Rekha Paudel, Forward: Sports Odisha SC
  • Sabitra Bhandari, Forward: Gokulam Kerala FC
  • Renuka Nagarkote, Midfielder: Kickstar FC
  • Saru Limbu: Kickstar FC

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